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Tania likes to paint in water colours as well as oil and acrylics. She also has done some sculpting. The following is an exhibition of her works. Click on a picture to view it full size.

Art made in Oman

O001.JPG (57409 bytes) O002.JPG (60794 bytes) O002a.JPG (64810 bytes)
Oranges (oil pastel crayons, 50x70cm, August 2000) Omani hats (oil on canvas, 50x70cm, September 2000) close-up Omani hat
O003.JPG (97615 bytes) O004.JPG (106418 bytes) O005.JPG (63548 bytes)
Bedouine Omani Lady from Sinaw (watercolour, 30x40cm, October 2000) Tropical Paradise (silkpainting, 90x90cm, October 2000) Dancing Couple (sculpture, 25x20x12cm, October 2000)
O005a.JPG (62364 bytes)
Dancing Couple (other side)    

Art made in the Caribbean

C001.JPG (65131 bytes) C002.JPG (79614 bytes) C003.JPG (187336 bytes)
Beach at Jolly Harbour, Antigua (watercolour, 25x30cm, December 2001) House at Galleon Beach, English Harbour, Antigua (watercolour, 30x40cm, January 2002) Steps and old customs house, Ladder Bay, Saba (watercolour, 25x30cm, April 2002)
C004.JPG (72522 bytes) C005.JPG (63554 bytes) C006.JPG (56232 bytes)
Stoplight Parrotfish (watercolour, 25x30cm, April 2002) Nevis (watercolour, 25x30cm, April 2002) Papaya or “Paw-paw” (acrylic, 30x40cm, September 2002)
C007.JPG (46204 bytes) C008.JPG (57545 bytes) C009.JPG (103282 bytes)
Starfruit (watercolour, 25x30cm, September 2002) Queen Angelfish (dye on cotton, 40x50cm, October 2002) White Breasted Emerald (watercolour, 10x15 cm, November 2002)
C010.JPG (79276 bytes) C011.JPG (46000 bytes) C012.JPG (163526 bytes)
Isla Blanquilla, Venezuela (watercolour, 40x50cm, December 2002)     Fishing village at Cayo Herradura, Isla la Tortuga, Venezuela (watercolour, 40x50cm, December 2002)   Boca del Medio, Los Roques, Venezuela (oil pastel crayons, 25x30cm, January 2003)
C013.JPG (88762 bytes) C014.JPG (162778 bytes) C015.JPG (102357 bytes)
Underwater scene, Boca del Medio, Los Roques, Venezuela (watercolour, 40x50cm, January 2003) Mangrove at Cabrieten Bay, Curaçao (watercolour, 18x24cm, February 2003) Warderick Wells, Exuma's, Bahamas (watercolour, 25x30, May 2003)
C016.JPG (140314 bytes) C017.JPG (49337 bytes) C018.JPG (79929 bytes)
French Cay, 
Turks and Caicos (watercolour, 18x24cm, June 2003)
Caribbean Sunset (watercolour, 18x24cm, December 2003) "Prikitchi's", Caribbean parakeets (watercolour, 40x50cm, February 2004)
C019.JPG (69669 bytes) Tobago Girl.JPG (105118 bytes) Emotion, June 04.JPG (96791 bytes)
"Rooi Lamoenchi", plantation house in Bonaire (watercolour, 30x46cm, April 2004) "Tobago Girl", acrylic on canvas panel, 50 x 60 cm, May 2004 "Emotion", acrylic on canvas panel, 45 x 60 cm, June 2004
Coco Bandero.JPG (101625 bytes) Fish.JPG (232494 bytes) Source.JPG (229304 bytes)
"East Coco Bandero Cays", Panama, acrylic on canvas panel, 41 x 33 cm, July 2004 "Fish", acrylic, 35 x 43 cm, August 2004 "Source", acrylic, 35 x 43 cm,  September 2004
Xmas at Bocas.JPG (144737 bytes) Mother and Child.JPG (109210 bytes) Kuna Indian.JPG (183015 bytes)
"Christmas in Bocas", watercolour, 18 x 19 cm, December 2004 "Mother and Child", acrylic on canvas panel, 100 x 80 cm, February 2005 "Kuna Indian", acrylic, 43 x 35 cm, March 2005