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Fort King George, Scarborough Fort King George, Scarborough Evening Sky at Store Bay
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Parlatuvier Bay Argyle Waterfall Marcel taking a shower at Argyle waterfall
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Four post bed in old plantation house Richmond Great House Hiking to the Rainbow Waterfall Rainbow Waterfall
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Sunset at Store Bay Pigeon Point Pigeon Point
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Swallows at daybreak Tropical Wave with rain Banana quit
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Banana quits feeding on sugar water Blue crowned Motmot (King of the woods) Calypso band in Surfer’s Restaurant at Mt.Irvine Bay (note: Base)
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Rufus-tailed Jackamar Woodpecker Yellow brested Tropic bird
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Rain Tree or Shaman Tree Ginger Lilly Wild Ginger
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Blue Tanager Tobago’s north coast Englishman’s Bay
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Englishman’s Bay Bamboo Butterfly
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Egret Kelvin Anthony George playing drum in Englishman’s Bay Sunset at Englishman’s Bay
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Bamboo shoots Man of war Bay, Charlotteville View on Charlotteville from Fort Cambleton
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View on Pirates Bay from old dirt road between Charlotteville and Bloody Bay Flower of Paradise Palm leafs
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Fig Tree Fruit, birds love it Chacalaca or Cocrico Alegría in Bateaux Bay
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Waterwheel at Sugar plantation ruins, Speyside London Bridge northeast of Tobago Sunset at Charlotteville
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View on Alegría in Pirates Bay