St. Barth to Montserrat

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Harbour of Gustavia, St. Barth Gustavia, St. Barth Airplane arriving at St. Barth Airport, the landing strip ends at the beach at St.. Jean.
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View on turqoiuse waters at St. Jean, St. Barth Breakfast at “La Plage”, St. Jean, St. Barth Caribbean house at Corossol, St. Barth
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Marcel with straw hat, hand made in Corossol, St. Barth Tania with straw hat, hand made in Corossol, St. Barth Anse du grand Colombier, St. Barth, St. Maarten in the distance
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Anse des Flamands, St. Barth Lunch at “le Pelican”, St. Jean, St. Barth Going for a swim at Anse de Grande Saline, St. Barth
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Saba “The Ladder” and the old customs house, Ladder Bay, Saba Tania’s impression of “The Ladder” in water colour
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Walking up “The Ladder” from Ladder Bay to The Bottom, Saba Marcel at Saba cottage in The Bottom Another Saba cottage in The Bottom
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Windwardside, Saba Museum in Windwardside, Saba On the trail through rainforest to Mt. Scenery, Saba
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Harmless, non-poisonous racer snake along trail, Saba Blackeyed Suzy, Saba’s national flower Walking up the 1064 steps to the top of Mt. Scenery, Saba
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Tree ferns along the trail up to Mt. Scenery, Saba View on The Bottom from Mt. Scenery Trail, Saba Picnic in the clouds at the summit of Mt. Scenery, Saba
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Mountain Mahogony in “Elfin Forest” or “tropical montane cloud forest” on Mt. Scenery, Saba View over The Bottom from Crispeen Trail, Saba Big leafs of Elephant Ear in rainforest along Sandy Cruz Trail, Saba
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Wild plantain or Heliconia Caribaea Surreal view along Sandy Cruz Trail, Saba Sandy Cruz Trail, Saba
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Wild pineapple along Sandy Cruz Trail, Saba Anole lizard, Saba Sandy Cruz Trail through rainforest, Saba
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View on Alegria from Sandy Cruz Trail, Saba Sunset at Ladder Bay, Saba St. Eustatius or Statia
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Museum in Oranjestad, Statia Walking through the gate of  Fort Oranje in Oranjestad, Statia Trail to the Quill crater, Statia
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At the rim of the Quill crater, Statia Panorama point at the rim of the Quill crater, Statia Tall trees in the Quill crater, Statia
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Enormous roots of trees in Quill crater, Statia View from Kees en Pauline’s house over Oranjestad, Statia Ruins of Lower Town of Oranjestad, Statia
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Iguana on Montserrat Devastation near Soufrière Volcano, Montserrat Ruins of Plymouth at the foot of the Soufrière Volcano, Montserrat
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Ruin of windmill used for pressing sugarcane, Montserrat