San Blas, Panama

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Kuna Indian women in an "ulu" coming to sell their "molas" at Porvenir Beach with "ulu" at Porvenir Fruit with medicinal properties of the "Noni" tree, Porvenir
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Having a well deserved rest after a long passage at Porvenir View from anchorage north of Tiadup, West Lemon Cays Kuna Indian selling fresh "suga" or king crab, Kuanidup
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The island just west of Kuanidup The island just west of Kuanidup The island just west of Kuanidup
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The island just west of Kuanidup Kuna Inadians sailing their "ulu" past our boat anchored at Gaigar, south of Mormake Tupu Kuna Inadian women, coming to sell "molas" at Gaigar
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Close-up of Kuna Indian woman at Gaigar "Street" at Mormake Tupu "Tienda" at Mormake Tupu
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Isnelis Martinez, Mormake Tupu Kuna children at Mormake Tupu Young Kuna Girl at Mormake Tupu
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"Street life" at Mormake Tupu Kuna Indian woman posing with her children at Mormake Tupu Little Kuna boy with parrotlet and toys at Mormake Tupu
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Ponciano and his family at Mormake Tupu Boatlife at Mormake Tupu Kuna Inadian woman and her son in "ulu" at Mormake Tupu
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Ponciano's father-in-law posing for a photograph at Mormake Tupu Posing in Kuna dress at Mormake Tupu Little Kuna boys at Mormake Tupu
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Exploring the Rio Esadi A "Tamarin" monkey crossing the trail in the mountains above Rio Esadi Flowers along the trail in the mountains above Rio Esadi
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Peace and quiet at anchor between Ordupbanedup and Tuala, East Coco Banderos Cays A perfect beach for yoga on Ordupbanedup, East Coco Bandero Cays View on Tiadup from Esnatupile, East Coco Bandero Cays
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Ordupbanedup Tuala Some of the "molas" we bought
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Ogoppiriadup, East Holandes Cays Ogoppiriadup Sunset in East Holandes Cays
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Celebrating my birthday on Potluck Island, East Holandes Cays Other cruisers at Potluck Island, with whom we celebrated my birthday. In front of us, our snorkel friends April, Quincy, Kendall and Carry from "Chewbacca" (Bruce is taking the photo) and Barb and Bob from "Freya" Conch shell
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Morodup West Holandes Cays Morodup Nupnu Tupu
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Sailing "ulu" close to Tupsuit Dumat Kuna Indian family on board Alegria, the woman is "reading" Marcel's boat maintenance manual Rio Mandinga
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Washrooms and huts on Tupsuit Dumat Tupsuit Dumat Kuna Indian people on Tupsuit Dumat
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Kuna woman on Tupsuit Dumat Marcel amidst Kuna children on Tupsuit Dumat An "ulu" in the making, Tupsuit Dumat
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Vinidili and her children, Tupsuit Dumat Vinidili posing in front of her washroom Kuna Indian woman posing with her children
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Marilyn, showing her Kuna traditional dress with "mola", Tupsuit Dumat Santiago and Attiliano playing basketball on Tupsuit Dumat Young Kuna woman and child, Tupsuit Dumat
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Attilliano, Igua and Santiago, Tupsuit Dumat Kuna children looking at us in our dinghy, Tupsuit Dumat "Ulu" moored at Tupsuit Pippi
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Kuna Indian children, Tupsuit Pippi