Antigua to St. Maarten

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Rainbow in Jolly Harbour Ernst en Marlies on board Anja-K Local sailboats racing near English Harbour
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Overlooking English Harbour from  Shirley Heights Steel drum band at Shirley Heights English Harbour at dusk.
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Christmas in English Harbour. Christmas in English Harbour. Christmas in St. John’s
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English Harbour, our view from Alegria. Christmas decorations on board Alegria. Sunset in Nonsuch Bay.
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Alegria seen from Harmony Hall. Alegria in front of Bird Island in Nonsuch Bay. Our view over the reef at Nonsuch Bay.
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Fireworks in English Harbour. View on Jolly Harbour Beach. Nancy and Tania.
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Caribbean house in Charlestown, Nevis. Tropical flower. Centre of Charlestown, Nevis.
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Breadfruit tree. Lush vegetation at Golden Rock Estate. Caribbean house near Golden Rock Estate.
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House in Charlestown, Nevis View on Nevis volcano from Alegria. Crossing from Nevis to St. Kitts.
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St. Kitts. Clock tower, the circus, Basseterre, St. Kitts. Sugar cane fields behind goats.
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Travellers palm. Tania is wearing her new Batik outfit. Travellers palm. The estate of Caribelle Batik workshop.
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Caribelle Batik workshop. Caribbean woodwork decoration. How to make a Batik.
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Tania colour coordinated with the Bougainvillea. Railroad for sugarcane transport. View from Rawlins plantation.
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Old sugar mill converted into bridal suite in Rawlins plantation. View on Statia from Rawlins plantation. View on volcano of Statia, while sailing to St. Maarten.
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Sunset in Simpson Bay Lagoon, St. Maarten. Old en new propeller zinc anodes. The result of stray current corrosion. Courthouse, Phillipsburg, St. Maarten.
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Old Street in Phillipsburg. Decorations on l’Escargot restaurant in Phillipsburg. Tania’s haircut
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New cockpit cushions for Alegria. Sugarcane press, the sugarcane juice is delicious. Shirley and Gustaaf from Jahazi.
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Mullet Bay beach, St. Maarten. Aya and Lee from Girafa. Pelican at Anse Marcel marina, St. Martin.