Atlantic Crossing

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Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Sunrise before departure Bill and Joy on “Aurora Lights” Ready to go
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Leaving Las Palmas “Mahina Tiare” Tania talking to “Mahina Tiare” and “Lyric” on the radio
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Paul at the helm Marcel at radar Sunrise day 2
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Dolphins! “Blackwatch” Verifying our position by sextant
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And again Sunset day 2 Happy sailor
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E-mail via Inmarsat-C Marcel and Paul in the cockpit Marcel and Paul preparing for a swim in ocean water (4000m deep)
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Swimming and inspecting the hull Marcel taking a shower on the aft deck Another sunrise
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Paul on the lookout for dolphins

Early morning sky Clouds forming
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A lot of reading during very light winds Paul recovering from dog watch Can we dodge this squall?
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Half way party (1510 Nm done) Coloured clouds in the morning Sun rays
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Squally morning sky Tania looking for messages on Inmarsat-C Marcel at the helm
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Proud skipper clocking 5000 Nm on “Alegría” Tania at the helm M&T
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Marcel and Tania at helm Great sailing at 7 to 8 knots More morning sky
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Cumulonimbus with anvil, which means rain! A squall just passed with gusts of 37 knots Mackerel sky
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Landfall of Antigua at 8:20 hrs (UTC-4) Marcel and Paul with Antigua in the distance Marcel and Tania with Antigua in the back
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Paul, Tania and Marcel with Antigua Fairway buoy at entrance to Jolly Harbour, Antigua Marcel talking to marina on VHF radio, Caribbean blue water
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Customs and Immigration office in Jolly Harbour, Antigua Paul in Jolly Harbour Caribbean skyline
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Steel drum band Celebrating our arrival with John and Amanda of “Mahina Tiare” and champagne John, Amanda, Marcel and Tania on “Alegría”
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Market in St. John’s, Antigua Pink church near Liberta, Antigua View on Falmouth Harbour, Antigua
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View from Shirley Heights over English and Falmouth Harbour, Antigua Great beach at Jolly Harbour Palm trees along beach at Jolly Harbour
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Sunset over Guadeloupe from beach at Jolly Harbour