Spain and Portugal

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201lacemaking.JPG (87258 bytes) 202Applecider.JPG (95710 bytes) 203Goosewinging.JPG (69291 bytes)
Lace making Making apple cider Goose winging
204Dinghy.JPG (93684 bytes) 205Alegria in Camarinas.JPG (78854 bytes) 206Santiago de Compostela Cathedral.JPG (96609 bytes)
The dinghy in the water for the first time At anchor in Camariñas The famous pilgrims destination: the cathedral of Santiago the Compostela
207Bronze or  life statue.JPG (91215 bytes) 208Pilgrim's shoes.JPG (94349 bytes) 209Marble column sculpting.JPG (95649 bytes)
Life statue at the cathedral Pilgrim's shoes Sculptures on the marble columns
210Apostle at altar.JPG (147771 bytes) 211Fam. Dijkstra Mike and Marcel at terrace.JPG (89839 bytes) 212Potterymarket.JPG (88449 bytes)
Statue of an apostle at the altar On a terrace with the Dijstra family and Mike At the pottery market
213Foekje en Hans.JPG (94309 bytes) 214Muros.JPG (88729 bytes) 215Muros photo Fred Dijkstra.JPG (70250 bytes)
Foekje and Hans are also on their way to the Caribbean Muros The fishing harbour at Muros
216Knots and Splices.JPG (92324 bytes) 217Result.JPG (86170 bytes) 218helmsman Fred.JPG (97090 bytes)
Maarten and Mike are learning knots and splices Success! Fred at the helm
219Mike's salad.JPG (96883 bytes) 220helmsman Maarten.JPG (96050 bytes) 221helmswoman Henneke.JPG (93379 bytes)
Mike is helping to prepare the salad Maarten at the helm Henneke at the helm
222Maarten at winch.JPG (88784 bytes) 223a Alegria photo Fred Dijkstra.jpg (45480 bytes) 223Pedras Negras.JPG (91987 bytes)
Maarten at the winch Arrival at porto Pedras Negras Fun at the beach at porto Pedras Negras
224Pedras Negras.JPG (78014 bytes) 226Maarten surfing.JPG (89913 bytes) 225Mike in mast.JPG (94280 bytes)
Fun at the beach at porto Pedras Negras Maarten surfing at the beach Mike is 'inspecting the rigging'
227Bayona Virgen de la Roca.JPG (69072 bytes) 228Bayona Columbus' La Pinta.JPG (95115 bytes) 229Flowers.JPG (79778 bytes)
The huge Virgen dela Roca statue at Bayona A replica of 'La Pinta' one of the vessels in which Columbus discovered America Flowers
230Viana do Costelo.JPG (82532 bytes) 231Azulejos in church.JPG (96567 bytes) 232Azulejos.JPG (96631 bytes)
Viana do Costello. Our first stop in Portugal. Azulejos in church. Azulejos
233Azulejos.JPG (92251 bytes) 234traveling light.JPG (111423 bytes) 235goosewinging.JPG (98446 bytes)
Azulejos Tania 'travelling light' Goosewinging
236Lisbon Praca de Comercio.JPG (97900 bytes) 237Lisbon  monolith.JPG (69950 bytes) 238Lisbon bullring.JPG (92270 bytes)
The Praca de Comercio in Lisbon The monolith in Lisbon The bullring in Lisbon
239Lisbon cathedral.JPG (84888 bytes) 240Lisbon Torre Belem.JPG (91502 bytes) 241Lisbon Monasterio dos Jeronimos.JPG (87484 bytes)
The Cathedral in Lisbon Torre Belem in Lisbon Monasterio dos Jeronimos in Lisbon
242Lisbon inside Monasterio chapel.JPG (114896 bytes) 243Lisbon Stained Glass.JPG (110334 bytes) 244Lisbon Palacio Fronteira.JPG (94559 bytes)
Inside the Monasterio dos Jeronimos Stained glass window The Palacio Fronteira in Lisbon
245Lisbon Alfama.JPG (95016 bytes) 246Cascais chapel.JPG (63817 bytes) 247Cascais window.JPG (68017 bytes)
The Alfama district in Lisbon The chapel in Cascais A window in Cascais
248Roadsign.JPG (86976 bytes) 249Ponta da Piedade.JPG (81762 bytes) 250Ponta da Piedade.JPG (105170 bytes)
A streetsign in Cascais Ponta da Piedade in Lagos Ponta da Piedade
251Praia  de Camilo.JPG (92215 bytes) 252South of Lagos.JPG (83664 bytes) 253Praia Dona Ana.JPG (77150 bytes)
Praia de Camilo in Lagos South of Lagos Praia Dona Ana