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101Ringsteken.JPG (88023 bytes) 102Wissenkerke.JPG (94607 bytes) 103Van der Waal.JPG (94735 bytes)
Ringsteken. Part of traditional festivities in the south of Holland Traditional dress in Wissenkerke Agnes and Hill van der Waal
104Havenpolitie Oostende.JPG (80623 bytes) 105Oostende.JPG (68444 bytes) 106bike.JPG (81463 bytes)
The Belgian Harbour Police in Oostende Oostende Cathedral Marcel on one of our two folding bikes
107sailtrim.JPG (62082 bytes) 108Sprained ankle.JPG (98210 bytes) 109Catnap.JPG (88453 bytes)
Marcel is checking the sail trim Tania's sprained ankle Marcel is taking a catnap
110Dover.JPG (90096 bytes) 111van Cleeff.JPG (90116 bytes) 112Beachy head.JPG (80980 bytes)
The white cliffs of Dover Tania's cousin Marleen and her husband Laurens van Cleeff. Flat calm at Beachy Head
113Beachy head.JPG (79486 bytes) 114Tania.JPG (81302 bytes) 115White clif.JPG (61656 bytes)
Beachy Head Again Tania is enjoying English summer White cliffs...
116Solent.JPG (82128 bytes) 117Solent.JPG (88878 bytes) 118Newns.JPG (85402 bytes)
Yacht races on the solent Yacht races on the solent Peter and Valery Newns. Tania's RYA Yachtmaster teachers
119Valhalla.JPG (80652 bytes) 120wooden boat.JPG (95288 bytes) 121Birthday Tea.JPG (92854 bytes)
Peter and Valery's Hallberg Rassy 352 Valhalla Traditional English wooden boat Birthday Tea at Buckler's Hard
122Beaulieu.JPG (96762 bytes) 123Chocolate.JPG (90586 bytes) 125Newtown river.JPG (84282 bytes)
The village of Beaulieu The famous chocolate shop in Beaulieu The Newton River anchorage in the south solent.
124Swan.JPG (86116 bytes) 126Needles.JPG (92762 bytes) 127Torquay.JPG (89937 bytes)
Swans at Newton River The needles. A notorious headland at the west of the Isle of Wight Torquay
128PlymouthPub.JPG (86634 bytes) 129ReneMarcel.JPG (83279 bytes) 130Day1Biscay.JPG (88787 bytes)
A pretty pub in Plymouth Marcel's brother René Day One, Bay of Biscay
131Tania.JPG (87119 bytes) 132Night1Biscayt.JPG (89438 bytes) 133ReneDay2.JPG (90994 bytes)
Tania Night One, Bay of Biscay René, day two
134Sunsetday2Biscay.JPG (77543 bytes) 135ReneMarcel.JPG (79308 bytes) 136MarcelTania.JPG (85276 bytes)
Sunset, day two René and Marcel Tania and Marcel 
137Night2Biscay.JPG (87049 bytes) 138Day3Biscay.JPG (94493 bytes) 139Us.JPG (89182 bytes)
Nightfall The third day That's us
141Landfall!.JPG (85733 bytes) 142Torre Hercules.JPG (59952 bytes) 143TorreHercules.JPG (90277 bytes)
Landfall at la Coruña Torre Hercules. The famous lighthouse of la Coruña Us on Torre Hercules
144ViewHercules.JPG (95049 bytes) 145lamppostart.JPG (85564 bytes) 146FortressCoruna.JPG (80107 bytes)
A view from Torre Hercules A typical lamp post in La Coruña The fortress at la Coruña
147PlazaMariaPita.JPG (93472 bytes) 148PlayaCoruna.JPG (87160 bytes) 149Tapas.JPG (97865 bytes)
Plaza Maria Pita. The main square A beach at la Coruña A tapas bar in la Coruña
150Lacemaking.JPG (90673 bytes) 151Corunanight.JPG (94338 bytes) 152StreetBallet.JPG (88991 bytes)
Lace making Plaza Maria Pita at night A ballet performance on the plaza. This was part of the annual festivities
153IglesiaSantaMaria.JPG (89989 bytes) 154Detail Iglesia.JPG (92896 bytes)
Iglesia Santa Maria A close-up of the Iglesia Santa Maria