Sweden, Denmark to Holland

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01Minmast.JPG (81029 bytes) 02usj.JPG (95938 bytes) 03Ellos.JPG (49528 bytes)
Marcel mounts the radar reflector Tania and Marcel on their new Pride and Joy Alegria in the Hallberg-Rassy Marina in Ellös
04Fiskebackskil.JPG (95587 bytes) 05Karingon.JPG (94952 bytes) 06Skagen.JPG (87734 bytes)
The village of Fiskebackskil just north of Ellös The village of Karingön, south of Ellös Skagen at the northern tip of Denmark
07Marcel.JPG (96128 bytes) 08Saeby.JPG (87789 bytes) 09Saeby2.JPG (97416 bytes)
Strong winds on the way from Skagen to Saeby The village of Saeby between Skagen en the Lymfjord Another view on Saeby
10Marcel40.JPG (66838 bytes) 11Fur.JPG (91910 bytes) 12Oddesun dbro.JPG (91393 bytes)
Marcel's 40th Birthday Fur in the Lymfjord, Denmark The Oddesund Drawbridge
13Shellhouse.JPG (85942 bytes) 14NorthSea.JPG (82300 bytes) 15Leecloth.JPG (88665 bytes)
The Shellhouse, the main tourist attraction in Thyborřn Nightfall on the North Sea. Our first overnight trip on Alegría Tania asleep in the main cabin. The lee cloth makes sure she doesn't fall out of bed.
16M&M.JPG (91171 bytes) 17Dijkstra.JPG (87720 bytes) 18Roos.JPG (25964 bytes)
Maarten and Mike enjoying the ride on the foredeck Fred and Henneke Dijkstra Roos Litjens
19MamsWim.JPG (86077 bytes) 20Geel.JPG (84800 bytes) 21us.JPG (83192 bytes)
Tania's mom Ingrid and her neighbour Wim The girls of the Geel family Tania and Marcel wearing the Alegría T-shirts
22Bosman.JPG (86633 bytes) 23Bosman.JPG (92969 bytes) 24Jeanne.JPG (91837 bytes)
Gerard Bosman at the helm Ageeth and Gerard Bosman and the kids Jeanne and Tania
25MamZ.JPG (91193 bytes) 26PapZ.JPG (64265 bytes) 28Champaign.JPG (84114 bytes)
Marcel's mom Bep during the christening ceremony Marcel's dad Martin at the helm Uncorking the champagne at the christening ceremony
29Jan.JPG (83095 bytes) 30Scheveningen.JPG (79852 bytes) 31Mams.JPG (32158 bytes)
Jan Zonneveld at the helm on the way from IJmuiden to Scheveningen Tania's mom Ingrid and Wim, waving at us at the Scheveningen harbour entrance Tania's mom Ingrid in Scheveningen
32Kimia.JPG (90714 bytes)
Tania's cousin Kimia and her two daughters