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Tania, Marcel and Mark in front of the launching platform, JF Kennedy Space centre, USA Robert and Mark at the assembly building, JF Kennedy Space centre. Control room of the Apollo rockets, JF Kennedy Space centre.
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Robert at the first stage of an Apollo rocket. Third stage jet engine Young Chinese acrobats, at Epcot centre, Orlando Florida
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Chinese temple, Epcot centre Japanese drums, Epcot centre Epcot centre
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The marina at Key West, Florida A manatee likes the fresh water in the marina, Key West Key West street.
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Bahamas street, Key West House in Key West Street performers, Key West
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Sunset cruise, Key West Hotel Atlantis, Nassau, Bahamas Marcel at Glass sculpture, Hotel Atlantis
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Casino, Hotel Atlantis Glass sculpture, Hotel Atlantis Glass sculpture, Hotel Atlantis
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Tania and Marcel on the throne, Hotel Atlantis, Nassau, Bahamas Feeding the Eagle rays, Hotel Atlantis Grunt in the aquarium of Hotel Atlantis
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Jelly fish in the aquarium, Hotel Atlantis Scorpion fish in the aquarium, Hotel Atlantis Jelly fish in the aquarium, Hotel Atlantis
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Sea Horse in the aquarium, Hotel Atlantis Marcel about to launch the dinghy at Warderick Wells, Exuma chain, Bahamas Warderick Wells, the Exumas.
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Warderick Wells, the Exumas Tania at beach, Warderick Wells, the Exumas Bahamian sloop
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Laughing Gulls, Conception Island, Bahamas Sunrise at Manzanillo, Dominican Republic Mangrove anchorage at Luperón, Dominican Republic
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Fire station at Luperón Fire engine at Luperón Shop in Luperón
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Puerto Escondido, Domincan Republic Sunrise on passage from Dominican Republic to Bonaire Karel's bar, Bonaire