Curacao to Guadeloupe

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Star fruit. Tobago Woodpecker on feeding tray. Tobago Rainforest. Tobago
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Waterfall. Tobago San Juan Plantation House. Curacao Tania is teaching yoga lessons to Marianne and her mother on board the 72ft steel ketch Domicil.
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Tania is swimming with the dolphins at Curacao SeaQuarium. A birthday present from her mother. One of the dolphins fell in love. Tania is telling a joke to the dolphins.
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Queen Angel fish in the Curacao SeaQuarium. This is one of our favorite sights when we go snorkeling. Tania at Santa Martha Bay, Curacao. She is wearing a dress for her birthday. Tania, Marcel, Léa and Thibaut at the 'Batavia', an accurate replica of an 18th century vessel from the Dutch merchant navy.
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Nightfall at Spanish Water anchorage in Curacao Glennert at the helm on the way from Curacao to Bonaire Donkeys in Bonaire
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Regatta in Bonaire Ancient inscriptions on the rocks in Bonaire. These were made by the Carib Indians Plantation house "Rooi Lamoenchi", Bonaire
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Ellen and Marcel at "Rooi Lamoenchi". Sundown at "Rooi Lamoenchi". Booby chick at Las Aves, Venezuela
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Booby mother and chick at Las Aves, Venezuela Booby mother and chick at Las Aves, Venezuela Typical Venezuelan fishing vessel at Los Roques, Venezuela
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Nightfall at Los Roques. We are on our way to Isla  Tortuga, and this shower just missed us. Meeting up at Union Island. René, Béatrice, Léa and Thibaut on board 'Ti One', a Beneteau 50. Ti One at the Tobago Keys
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Léa and Thibaut snorkeling at the Tobago Keys. Léa and Thibaut playing on board Alegría Léa, Marcel and Thibaut
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Ti One about to anchor. And the skipper at the helm. Salt Whisle Bay, Mayreau, The Grenadines
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Life is slow-paced at Mayreau. Rasta Man, Mayreau. Nightfall at Salt Whistle Bay, Mayreau
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Bequia, The Grenadines Ti One anchored at Princess Margaret Beach, Bequia. The city of Fort de France on Martinique
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Traditional Martinique boat races (Gomiers) at Trois Ilets Colourful Gomiers before the start of the race. Gomiers under way.
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The town of Gosier. Guadeloupe. Léa and Thibaut wearing the traditional dress of Guadeloupe (Madras)